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Working in a group is the process of working in collaboration with the people in an organization for the sole purpose of accomplishing the set goals or tasks. In reality, by working in a group rather than working on your own has numerous benefits to every party involved in the group work, it is stated that “no man is an island and no one has the custody of knowledge”, working in a group will improve, build, and maintain high performance from all and sundry involved.

Generally, most organizations globally strive to accomplish their set goals and the task is made easier if the workforce of the organization is committed to working effectively in a group. The following are the benefits that can be derived from working in a group;

It enhances productivity and performance: working in a group assists most organizations to attain better productivity and performance because it will enable their workers to brainstorm and reason together thereby giving room for a broader range of skills to be applied by the workers in the course of doing their assignments which will result in high productivity and performance.

It develops the skills of the workers: working in a group will help the individuals that make up the group to develop their interpersonal skills such as speaking, listening, leadership and motivational skills because the workers will be able to study each other and learn from one another thereby making them develop other skills which they do not have naturally.

It allows self-reflection: working in a group with other people will assist workers to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow them to appraise themselves to improve on their weaknesses and further develop their strengths.

Indeed, working in a group is highly beneficial to the workers and the organization; it is a great virtue that should be embraced by organizations because the benefit it brings is highly invaluable.

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