UP Work from Home? It’s Not Always Worth it

For most people who work at an office, a factory or a store, it sounds like a dream: You get up in the morning, stay in your pajamas, sit in front of your computer and work in your warm and familiar environment. But will this dream always be worth it to you? Not necessarily. There are quite a few situations in which working from home isn’t the best choice, and the open workspace will be preferable. Here are a few examples.

The Temptations, Oh, the Temptations…

One of the biggest challenges working from home presents to the “home worker” is the amount of temptations waiting for him in the surroundings he loves so much: TV, a well-stocked refrigerator, a nearby coffee house or pub, and so much more. Many people can’t resist these temptations and, at the end of the day, discover they haven’t worked at all. On the other hand, in an open workspace, the atmosphere is very business and work oriented – the temptations are few and far between, and the general feeling is that there’s no time to waste.

Lack of People, Lack of Socialization…

Someone who works from home all the time gets together with other people much less, and has fewer and fewer social interactions. For most of us, it is a problematic situation, even unbearable sometimes: Who doesn’t want to meet new people, discover interesting friends and build relationships of all kinds? Working from home is a sort of business “isolation,” whereas in coworking spaces you get an almost endless amount of opportunities to get to know new people and build new relationships. In the URBAN PLACE workspace, for example, you even get business events and talks, which increases your ability to meet more and more people.

Other People’s Perception…

No matter what we think, working from home is perceived, even today, as something relatively unusual, a type of work not many know or understand. Therefore, many people think that when a person works from home, he invests less, doesn’t make as much of an effort, he’s less productive and less serious. It could hurt this worker’s image, even if it’s not true.

Working in coworking spaces is perceived as more stable. Today, not only freelancers and business owners come to work in these workspaces, but also entire teams from high tech companies, among others. Therefore, workspaces have a better perception in people’s eyes.

Your Available Amenities…

A person who works from home is mainly dependent on his own abilities: If he needs a large computer screen, if he wants to expand his work station, if he wants to pamper himself with a new espresso machine – he can only get all that if he has sufficient financial means. Many people don’t have all these amenities at home, but they find them in the coworking space, which highly improves their work environment and abilities.


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