UP How Urban Place can help you fight off your cold this season.

Stay warm this winter: Health in the workspace

How Urban Place can help you fight off your cold this season.

Health is wealth; health is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Health in the workspace is vital to the productivity of any organization. Most organizations place a huge premium on the productivity of their workers and productivity can be derived from the workers that are healthy. After all, a sick employee can severely affect a company’s bottom line.

Furthermore, workers should strive to take good care of themselves as it will boost their day-to-day productivity.

Here are a few tips we had to stay healthy this winter season! Especially in offices with others

  1. Proper hydration: It helps in boosting the health of the workspace; workers should be taking enough water while discharging their duties to prevent dehydration which is harmful to health. Urban Place provides organic and authentic teas throughout the days to keep our members warm and hydrated.
  2. Take periodic breaks: Urban Place has tons of lounge areas for our members to take breaks in. From our relaxation room to our brainstorming lounge, enjoy a 5-min break indoors to avoid the cold and stay warm. Workers that are fond of taking a break from their worker routine periodically are always healthy. It is ideal for workers to be observing break at least every 30- 45 minutes.
  3. Meditation + Yoga: With weekly mindfulness sessions in addition to our weekly Yoga classes, keeping a clear mind and body will help fight the cold. Meditating for a short period of time is very beneficial to the body as it improves the ability to stay focused and calm. Again, it helps in reducing the heartbeat and blood pressure thereby boosting their health.
  4. Proper hygiene: Proper hygiene is very important in maintaining the health of the workspace; this can be practiced through the use of hand sanitizer. With our gym and showers, members don’t even have to leave the office to stay clean and energized this season.
  5. Working together: Effective co-existence among the workers helps to maintain health in the workspace. Members that work and collaborate together will be friendly with each other and can help each other out of one of them needs to take some time off or call in sick

The health of the workspace is the key factor that determines how productive and efficient the office will be.


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