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Businesses today are riding a wave after a rapid shift due to COVID from a full-time in-office workforce to working from home (WFH). The tide is settling on a new norm of somewhere in between. However, where should this “somewhere” be? Shared workspace from leading vendors like Urban Place!

Coworking- Who benefits?

According to Deloitte, Israel has over 6,000 active startups and an economy led by entrepreneurship and industrial high-tech, earning it the nickname ‘The Startup Nation.’ However, despite the impressive figures, the IVC Data and Insights research institution recently reported that in 2022, only 162 new startups were established in Israel compared to 558 in 2021 and 831 the previous year. Yet, these new businesses seem to be doing well, with Globes reporting that Israeli startups raised $12.7 billion in the first eight months of 2022.

As COVID began to make fewer headlines, SMEs and startups with around 10-70 employees began desperately hunting for affordable office space to help growth. These businesses may have survived the financial impact of the pandemic, with some having thrived. Nevertheless, cost-saving is still a big issue. Also, they are among millions of employers juggling how to accommodate best the ‘new norm,’ which is a combination of on-site staff, those who prefer WFH, and a variety of both. This situation requires flexibility on their behalf. It involves finding flexible office space solutions that enable successful and smooth business operations that won’t deplete their bottom line. For example, suppose you are an SME and half of your staff are WFH. What is the point of renting a huge office space, paying all bills (such as municipality fees) as if the area was packed, and getting stuck in long-term contracts? Certainly not for offices to stand empty most of the time.

This is where the shared workspace concept and option become extremely attractive. Vendors like UP offering shared workspace can provide optimal solutions, particularly flexible contracts.

In fact, according to ISRAEL21c, Israeli startups are leading the growth of coworking and embracing it as a new facet of society and culture that itself leans towards the lifestyle offered. Employees want the flexibility to decide to work from home – or anywhere, have flexible working hours, and enable new members to join. It is no secret that the country has more startups per capita than others worldwide. Zippia research shows that it’s not only in Israel where coworking is on the upswing:

There are around 19,400 coworking spaces worldwide.
In 2022, around 933,000 people in the US used the over 6,200 coworking spaces available compared to 4,000 available in 2017 – a 55 percent increase.
In 2020, roughly 1.933 million people globally used coworking spaces, around 865,000 of whom were in the US.

Coworking space- Upscaling with Urban Place

How can SMEs and startups flourish by choosing the coworking space that Urban Place offers? Most importantly, by having a home for their business. Not just any home, but one that provides a family-like atmosphere. Our teams welcome you to your new home away from home with genuine warmth and take care of everything. We handle all the logistics of establishing an office – from choosing furniture to taking care of every technical requirement and everything in between. All you need to do is select the space you wish to rent and show up with your laptop and team.

They say that location is everything, and UP boutique private office spaces are prime business hubs in Israel’s most sought-after real estate. For example, in Tel Aviv, the fastest-growing startup city, we have offices on Rothschild boulevard and in the Shalom Tower. Both draw many businesses, including startups, accountants, lawyers, and big data companies. Other UP locations are in Jerusalem and Rishon Lezion.

Before touching on the types of offices available, a primary benefit of coworking, particularly for small businesses, is the ability to make valuable contacts. UP spaces are designed to enable this. You may make connections that you would have never had the opportunity to do were you in a regular office surrounded only by your team. Perhaps you will have your next breakthrough by chatting to the person you meet at the on-site gym, during beer and happy hour, or while making coffee and relaxing in the lounge area. Our setting offers a cozy, friendly, comfortable, diverse, and super productive workspace that fosters interaction.

Regarding finding the space for your unique business requirements, UP has a range of customized solutions. These include a Private Office – an open-space office with a month-to-month membership, a dedicated Hot Desk, meeting rooms, luxurious Executive Suites, or even a Day Pass. In addition, our Corporate Solution is based on a flexible contract to save on monthly costs, and businesses can enjoy a fully brandable workspace, including:
Customized office size and layout
Premium furnishings and office facilities
24/7 access to all UP amenities – WIFI, meeting and conference rooms for +50 people, gaming room, brainstorming area, happy hours, showers, gym, and UP staff

UPgrade your business with Coworking

When choosing an office space, UP arranges all logistics and construction and, with you, designs a dream workspace of any size. The area may comprise individual offices, internal meeting rooms, designated open space seating, or any other idea you have in mind.

Our motto is that while not everyone may need an office, everyone needs a place to work. So, while we provide the latter, you can focus on growing your business and benefiting from the flexibility that today’s SMEs and startups require.


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