UP Trends and Innovations in the Coworking Space Industry

Trends and Innovations in the Coworking Space Industry

Trends and Innovations in the Coworking Space Industry

Coworking spaces have longed stopped being a hot new trend. They’ve become everyday workplaces that serve tens of thousands of people. They’re becoming more and more popular, and have great significance to the remote worker, the freelancer, the business person and the likes. But has changed in the industry recently?

Pamper Endlessly:

More and More Benefits to Customers

Even coworking space operators realize now how important it is to give their customers a good feeling and comfortable conditions, just like in any serious workplace. Increasingly, we’re seeing additional bonuses and benefits for those coming to work at coworking spaces. There are many examples – quality beer, refreshments, a variety of books to choose from, the option to rent a bicycle, and even a shower.

Get Every Need Met:

Full Office Services

When they first started out, many coworking spaces provided basic infrastructure – a small working station, an electrical outlet, a computer, Internet connection, and that’s pretty much it. Today, many of them offer a wealth of additional services, and some even take the next step and offer full office services (a printer, photocopier, a fax machine, etc).

Work Whenever You Want:

24/7 Availability

Many coworking spaces were built around the concept of “regular” workplaces, and therefore offered similar opening hours, from the morning hours until the afternoon or the evening. Today, many coworking spaces in Israel and around the world offer 24/7 workspaces, knowing that some people need a quiet and comfortable working space at unconventional hours as well.

A Cost-Effective Way to Work Together:

Urban Workspaces

Local authorities couldn’t ignore the success of coworking spaces, and they decided to build urban working spaces (especially in the periphery). The advantage? These are subsidized workspaces, so they’re very cheap compared to the private coworking spaces. It’s worth checking them out.

Enjoy All the Benefits and Then Some:

Content for Business People and Entrepreneurs

Many workspaces, like the Urban Place workspace on Rothschild boulevard in Tel-Aviv, offer not only great working conditions, but a variety of interesting and useful contents for the business people and entrepreneurs that use their services – lectures, mingling, meeting other business people and potential investors, etc. These places offer a lot more than a proper infrastructure for work. They offer an abundance of opportunities to grow and advance in the best possible environment.


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