UP How Relaxation at Work Will Make Your Employees More Productive

How Relaxation at Work Will Make Your Employees More Productive

There’s no secret that happy employees tend to work much better than the employees working with a frown on their face. Recent research at the University of Warwick suggested that happy workers are 12% more productive in their daily tasks. And, as a business owner, this should be more than enough incentive to encourage you to make some special accommodations to keep employees happy. But, what exactly are those accommodations? Do you just have to give everyone a raise?

The answer is no. Keeping employees happy is an art and we’re going to teach you how to do just that.

Make a Proper Break Room: The break room is an extremely critical part of your workspace and it deserves attention. Don’t just put in a coffee machine and a couple of sofas and call it a break room. At Urban Place Shalom Tower we have a nap room for members to come and take a break and rest on the couches.

Fancy Kitchen: A lot of your employees come to work without having breakfast and very rarely does anyone bring lunch for themselves. Give your employees a proper kitchen where they could make something to eat. The kitchen doesn’t have to be stocked with enough supplies to make a Thanksgiving dinner. But, there should be basic appliances like a stove, fridge, microwave, and some generic ingredients to cook stuff as well. Now that we partner with Shookit we have fresh fruits and snacks all throughout the day in our Tel Aviv offices

Keep the Workplace Clean: Cleanliness: A clean office would be our first suggestion to create a healthy environment in your office. It doesn’t matter what aspect of cleanliness we’re talking about. It could be hygiene or lack of clutter – Both are critical towards making a productive environment.

Yoga: Since working with Flexity, we have significantly increased our relaxations and mindfullness across Urban Place. Flexity encourages employees to keep a healthy lifestyle during the workweek. It helps to be more active and focus and it increases the togetherness feeling. Flexity has a variety of services such as; Nutritional consulting, Ergonomic consulting, Massages, Lectures, etc. It will value the business & the employees with a minimum of effort from the organization side.

As Urban Place continues to grow, we always keep our members in mind- to help them grow, and to help them feel healthier and happier in the workspace.


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