UP Qualities of the Modern Workspace

Qualities of the Modern Workspace

The modern workplace is rapidly changing. With more companies being open to flexible working hours and more laid-back offices, traditional cubicles and desks no longer cut it. Across the globe, we’re seeing start-up offices with scattered bean bags and air hockey tables. Meanwhile, the rise of co-working spaces in the US is redefining what it means to work collaboratively. But beyond trendy furniture, what exactly makes an ideal modern workspace?

Splashes of color

It’s hard to be motivated to work in a dull, drab office. In fact, in our previous post on the Influence of Office Design on Creativity, we discussed how colors can drastically change the mood of an office. For example, walls with a splash of blue is proven to help improve efficiency and overall focus. On the other hand, choosing a place with lots of green hues (or even just plants) can be beneficial for those who easily get eyestrain. Yellow is also said to be optimistic and able to inspire creativity in those who are surrounded by it. All in all, colors are far more refreshing than plain white walls and gray cubicles.

Local flair

Another great thing about modern working spaces is that creative interiors are often encouraged. As such, no two spaces are too alike, and many even inject their own local flair to it. For instance, Slack’s Tokyo office contains a mix of traditional Japanese aesthetics to showcase their culture and unique craftsmanship. Such designs can help stimulate creativity too, especially for those working in visual-forward careers like digital marketing.

Community matters

Location matters just as much too. Around the world, offices like downtown Manila’s First are opening up to breathe new life into old places. In recent years, the area has been overlooked in favor of busier and bigger cities, but a new breed of creative spaces are hoping to attract like-minded folks and revive the energy of the district. On the other hand, other offices choose locations based on talent. Digital marketing agency Ayima has expanded into Hong Kong because of the thriving digital transformation currently happening in the region as well as it being a hotbed for talent. The area is known to attract professionals from all fields—from burgeoning entrepreneurs running startups to established fintech experts. For modern workspaces, it’s also a good strategy to increase diversity.

Sustainable spaces

“Sustainability” is a term that’s been making its rounds in various industries, including offices. Indeed, the modern workspace can no longer afford to ignore its environmental impact. But besides having recycling programs in place, offices are designing their entire spaces to be more earth-friendly. In Romania, the Off The Grid Office was specifically built to integrate humans with its existing natural environment, without the use of artificial materials. The result is a stunning space that lets any worker breathe a little easier—whatever time of day it is.

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By Jane Anderson




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