UP New Partnership: Urban Place and Storrsoft

New Partnership: Urban Place and Storrsoft

We are StorrSoft – a Software development company built especially for companies and entrepreneurs to provide a one-stop shop for product development. We specialize in developing web & mobile applications and acting as a CTO partner for young venture companies, to help the venture move forward without losing precious time looking for an in-house CTO.

Since joining Urban Place, we have been working with UP members and helping young ventures grow and bring their products to market. We now have an official partnership where all Urban Placers can reach out directly for a free consultation meeting with the expert Storrsoft team!

Storrsoft’s in-house Israeli development team has some of the top talents in the industry and we use cutting-edge technologies to build the greatest products and bring them to market better, faster and more effectively. We work with a variety of companies, from small startups to large corporations. Our expertise include software development in different fields and technologies such as cyber, IoT, TV broadcasting, digital health, agritech, sharing economy and many more.

You can learn more and book your free meeting with Storrsoft here or, for more information: http://storrsoft.com/


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