UP Music – The Perfect Remedy to a Mental Block While Working

Music – The Perfect Remedy to a Mental Block While Working

We’ve all been through a time when we’re working and just can’t figure out what to do next. It doesn’t matter whether you look at it after a nap, a cup of coffee, a walk around the block or even with a fresh pair of eyes, your mind still remains totally blank. You try everything, but nothing seems to spark your creativity. You may think that there’s no solution to this mind block, but it is, and it’s called music.

Studies suggesting the positive effect of music on our brain started back in the ‘50s and have been going on to date. Back in the day, the research was focused more on music therapy for patients. But, now, research is being conducted to prove that music can get rid of stress, anxiety, depression and even states of confusion. It can give clarity to your thoughts and allow yourself to focus on even the most boring and menial tasks out there.

With our relaxing and productive lounge music across all Urban Place Locations, the soft melodies break up those mundane tasks to help our members get work done. The vibes of a productive environment accentuated by soft music in the background is the best way for you to feel good whole working. 

If you’re intent on the science behind music and working, there’s a thesis from Dawn Kent that explains that music enter the inner ear and engages different sections of our brain. These sections of our brain are also the same sections that need to be activated in order for us to work efficiently. So, if there’s a section that’s struggling because of fatigue, lack of sleep or even stress, music can help you jump start it back on!


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