UP Keeping the Public Up to Date with the Good and Bad Happening in Your Company

The whole concept of press releases was invented to keep the public aware of what’s going on with a company. Regardless of whether it’s good or bad, public outreach has always been a core part of every modern-day conglomerate. However, recent events have gone to show how critical this public outreach is. With the destruction COVID-19 is causing for business around the world, its more important now than ever to keep your clientele updated about what’s going in your company.

What Happens If You Don’t?

Let’s consider a scenario where you’re running McDonald’s and COVID-19 hits. People are going to be scared of buying at your branch because your workers might be infected. This means that there’s going to be a lot of clients scared to purchase your product even if you’re testing workers and sanitizing your kitchen every hour. On the other hand, there’s an opposing Burger King and they’re taking the same precautions. But, instead, they’re vocal about the steps they’re taking on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, popular news outlets and their websites. Who do you think people are more likely to eat?

Recent Press:

Here are a few of the links about what the press has said about us and the coworking industry:

Urban Place Press: Here

The Benefits of Public Outreach

Public outreach initiatives don’t just make your audience more loyal, but it helps them feel a part of the brand. If you take a look at some game development companies, they’re all on Reddit and make most of their announcement there. This doesn’t just make them a part of the community, it helps their audience listen to the developments in the company’s proceedings, allows their audience to provide suggestions, and most importantly, adds transparency to your organization. It gives your customers a deeper look into your organization and builds their trust in the product or service they’re purchasing.

Public outreach has been important, but never necessary. But in trying times of the pandemic, it has indeed become more crucial than ever.


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