UP Innovation and Coworking: The Answer to WFH

Innovation and Coworking: The Answer to WFH

When we say innovation, it may be interpreted as technology is the answer to COVID-19. But, the fact of the matter is that the technology was there for a long time. Zoom has been around for years, Skype even longer, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Trello; so many platforms were always available out there, but we never had the need to use them. When the corona outbreak prevented the world from going to their jobs daily like they usually did, it wasn’t the technology that helped counter the problems at hand. It was reliance on previous innovation that allowed companies to realize the need for those tools and had to work day and night to devise policies to use them in the right way.

How Did Innovation Help the World During the Pandemic?

As soon as the pandemic hit, offices around the world needed to innovate and adjust their office culture. Companies now had to work outside the box and be creative and innovative to keep the wheel spinning. It required creative thinking for business owners and industry leaders to normalize the work from home mantra and create standards that wouldn’t be a decrease in productivity.

But working from home isn’t for everyone. With the risk of a drop of productivity, a lot of employees took the option to work from home and joined a coworking space to stay productive and safe. 

Mid of May, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey announced that all Twitter employees will be able to work from as long as they want to. This meant that after the pandemic, if they wish to continue working from home, Twitter will facilitate them in any way they can. This goes to show how innovation can help change a hurdle into something so productive and efficient that people actually may be willing to let go of the old ways and adopt new standards even post-pandemic.

We expect to see these fortune 500 employees continuing to move into our coworking spaces- especially in Israel-  as a ‘work-from-home’ alternative.


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