UP How Inner-Company Service Affects Employee Output

How Inner-Company Service Affects Employee Output

How Inner-Company Service Affects Employee Output

Many aspects can influence an employee’s output: his mood, surroundings, his suitability for the position, and more. But if there’s something that’s grown very popular lately in workplaces that are interested in investing in their employees, it’s the sophistication of the inner-organization service. In the past, workplaces supplied employees with the minimum they were obligated or needed to provide. Today, many workplaces provide “extras,” knowing that it could greatly improve employee output.

Giving More for the General Feeling in the Work Environment

Some organizations still provide their employees with only the minimum required: a minimal workstation, a printer, maybe coffee and hot water in the kitchenette, and that’s it. But a company that makes a bigger effort, and provides a little extra in its inner-organization service, will get a lot more from her employees.


Because an employee that gets more than he’s used to getting, or more than the usual industry standard, appreciates his employers a lot more: An employee that has a computer game room knows he can destress and have fun even during work hours. An employee that has a little library by his workstation, with books he can read in his free time, smiles when he sees it. And that’s what makes the difference.

Conveying an Optimistic Message

Another trend that many organizations are adopting is the positive attitude: an approach that’s expressed both in the way they treat employees and in the message they convey to them. When the general atmosphere is more optimistic, employees are happier and more relaxed, and therefore they’re more productive and produce a much higher output. After all, optimism is the name of the game wherever you go.

Being There for Every Employee…

There are companies where the managers don’t know the employees’ names (or at least not all names). There are many workplaces where the direct managers don’t even know what the employee does after work hours or what he’s dealing with. Sometimes there are understandable reasons, yet the bottom line is that the employee could feel like his managers don’t care about him.

A workplace that wants to increase efficiency needs to be devoted and caring. Needs to get to know its employees. Know their names. Offer a family-like atmosphere. In places like URBAN PLACE all this is a central principle. That’s how to make sure everyone has a good time. That’s how you make people happier and increase productivity.


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