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Title- Design and Creativity
How design affects your office creativity

The Influence of Office Design on Creativity


Back in the day, about 50 years ago, office designs weren’t the primary place of concern for any business owner. Hundreds of employees were jammed into the same room. They were loaded one on top of the other so that if one employee were to stretch in his seat, he would probably hit the guy next to him in the face. However, in the past few years, things are changing.

There has been a ton of research conducted on how office designs affect a workforce’s productivity and the results have been forcing the hand of the employers to change the way they do things.

Basically, most of these researches will tell you the exact same thing; a good office design will boost the creativity and productivity of your employees.

You need to play around with colors on your walls, throw up some quotes on the walls, get some wacky furniture,  play around with weird cubicles, etc. This creates an inspirational and creative vibe around your office. It helps your employees work for longer times without needing a break because this visual sight keeps them active.

Keep in mind that simply getting a new vending and coffee machine isn’t enough to keep your employees happy. Give them a bright and cheerful workspace that promotes collaboration. The most important aspect is that a good décor will give your workers an incentive to wake up and come to the office every morning. Yes, they’re going to come to the office regardless, but as a business owner, you probably know the difference between working just because it’s mandatory and working because you want to. 

At Urban Place, our members come work here because they want to… 


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