UP Happiness at work? Or where you work?

Happiness at work? Or where you work?

Happiness at work? Or where you work?


Not an easy subject to write about, and definitely not a subject everyone even wants to talk about- especially when it come to work.

Happiness isn’t meant for the weekday. It’s the weekend, the nights out, the days off, the week-long vacation, family time, and as Adam Sandler taught us, everyone just needs to find their ‘Happy Place’.

The reality is though, that we spend most of our waking hours at work, in an office, with coworkers, and a boss, not at home or with our friends.

The classic ‘hack’ is to try and find a job that you love, as they say “Love what you do, and never work a day in your life”.

Ya, that’s nice, but really impractical for most people. A job is a job, and even if you love what you’re doing, over time, years over years, it starts to take a toll.

The routine, the same people, same meetings, same flavor coffee, same office, day after day. If not the routine than it’s something else. In a startup and especially in small companies, stress begins to play a huge factor in day-to-day happiness of employees around the world.

So either you’re part of a big stress-free company and bored or unhappy, or part of an exciting young team, filled with stress and uncertainty. These seem to be the only two options. Where does happiness fit into all this?

Our answer? Your office environment.

Even if your job is getting to you, whether it is stressful or boring, mundane or exhausting, where you go through it all, and who you go through it with, is the key to happiness at work.

At a coworking space, especially Urban Place, there are weekly after-work events, weekly yoga, beer, new coworkers to meet, and of course new offices to grow into.

In our new floor in Shalom Tower, we offer all our members a gym, showers, and even a room to go into during the day to rest or to play some xbox or ping-pong with your team.

And here’s the kicker- 89% of people who cowork reported being happier

This goes to show, that you don’t have to find a job you love to not work a day in your life, just a place you love working from. I would chance that classic age-old expression to “ Love where you work, and never work a day in your life”.

At least this is in your hands. You can change this. There are over 14,000 coworking spaces around the world. Find the one that works for you and join. Everyone is doing it.


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