UP How Your Environment Affects Your Work

Generally, the working environment is where a set of people work together to achieve the objectives of the company. The work environment is paramount to the productivity of any organization; the environment has a great impact on the workers’ satisfaction and productivity. It is widely believed that poor productivity from the workforce can be attributed to the lack of proper conducive environment for the workers.

However, workers that are working in a conducive environment are not only more productive but they are also innovative because it will enhance their creativity- thereby making them build synergy and motivate themselves in the course of discharging their duties. In order to get the best from the workers, the onus is on the organizations to create a conducive working environment for their workforce.

The following are the factors that usually influence the working environment;

  • Lighting: proper illumination is a key factor that affects the work environment, exposure to abundant natural light in the workplace will create a conducive working environment for the workers; over-exposure to artificial light is very harmful to the workers. Also, the workspace should be ventilated for the workers.
  • Noise: a noisy environment portends danger to the health of the workers and it can bring about a decline in productivity. Human beings differing nature, some people are affected by noise, it is important that the abnormal level of noise in the workspace should be avoided.
  • Color: color is another factor that can affect the work environment because color inspires, it is essential that the right blend of colors should be used on the structure of the workspace.

Without mincing words, the environment has a significant impact on work, the more conducive the working environment is, the more productive and efficient the organization becomes. It is highly imperative for organizations to create an environment that is conducive and enabling in order to get the best from their workers.




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