UP Through Crisis Comes Creativity – How the World Is Adapting to COVID-19

Over the past months, a lot has changed all around the world. The global pandemic is a situation that none of us have ever been a part of. The world’s economy is uncertain, thousands are dying, people are panicking, and there’s no foundation to be found anywhere. And, it’s our creativity and perseverance that’s getting us through these times and helping to keep the wheel of the world spinning.

With the WHO announcing that COVID-19 may never go away (or at least for the foreseeable future), it’s more important than ever to pay attention to creativity; because it may be the only thing to keep the world alive. Here’s how creativity has already helped us get through the pandemic.

Taking Some Online

By taking jobs and education online, we were able to keep things going on for students and office workers all over the world. Quick learning and adaptation of tools like Zoom, Teams, and Skype were necessary for this to happen. With that, business, like Urban Place, quickly adapted to the flexible need of so many corporations now looking for an office better fitted for this new reality.

Online Shopping+ Take out

The world knew that grocery shops and malls are a hotspot of COVID-19 and we started taking measures to replace them. Online shops started becoming more and more common as people followed protocols, stayed indoors, and ordered groceries online. Even ordering take-out called for innovation and a resurgence of the app delivery industry. UberEats acquiring post-mates is an example of the change in the industry

3D Printing

A lot of medical machinery has been in a short supply since the start of the quarantine. Parts of ventilators, surgical masks, and similar supplies have been in the making for several months now. Companies like HP are dedicating their 3D printing services to help the medical world overcome the obstacle of shortage.

So much has changed and so much will change in the months and years to come. The world needs to stick to the “adapt to survive” mentality it has until we’re over this pandemic. Traditional works best, but if we stick to traditional right now, we might never get over COVID-19.


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