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Why work alone…

Every business requires a workspace where you either work alone or work on a team.  

Coworking spaces are the gathering of a set of people who work independently but have and share common values. Members of a coworking space are interested in creating the synergy that is normally experienced from working with people; while working in isolation is the act of working independently in a secluded environment- like working from home.

Though coworking and working in isolation help entrepreneurs like freelancers save a lot of money from having to pay for an office where their services will be provided to their customers, working in isolation from places like home can be distracting because the family members can be causing distractions thereby preventing the individual from concentrating on his work.

On the order hand, coworking provides an escape from distraction associated with working at home.

Moreover, coworking creates an open and harmonious, workspace that nurtures a better interaction with the like-minded individuals that share the values together. It gives room for networking, sharing of relevant information and knowledge about the business with other people; this is not obtainable from working in isolation. An individual working in isolation can never network and share with other people.

Coworking offers the opportunity of being surrounded by committed and enthusiastic workers which can be a motivating factor to an individual unlike an individual working in isolation. An individual working in isolation will be responsible for his or her motivation. With Urban Place, there will be no exposure to the feelings of boredom and loneliness but the same cannot be said of someone working in isolation.

Additionally, with events such as storytelling workshops, there is no limit to what you can learn when you’re part of a coworking environment. 

If you like working alone, it doesn’t have to be from home- or even in a private environment-  come work alone, with others next to you, just to reap the benefits of the good vibes, and amazing community. 


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