UP Corona Won’t Stop Us – Israeli Start-ups Success Despite COVID-19

For most folks, 2020 has been a terrible year financially. Companies around the globe are facing losses in the billions. The situation is even worse for start-ups. They’re companies that haven’t even set their foot completely in the world and were forced to survive a pandemic. However, regardless of the difficulties, some Israeli companies pulled through during this time and became successful amidst the pandemic.

Here are three Israeli startups that emerged during the pandemic. Braught upon as solutions to the problems that arose by the reality of COVID.

Bizzabo: This is a platform that just depended on events being hosted by major companies. In 2020, it had to pivot to a completed different thing to stay afloat. The company came up with the idea to implement a hybrid strategy that brought together the best of physical and virtual events. As a result, the company was able to raise $138 million in Series E to focus on this project.


Sonovia: This company focuses on creating textiles with protection against bacteria. Creating equipment that could protect folks from COVID-19 was a job right up their alley. During 2020, the company made and distributed face masks all over Israel and even supplied the masks used by the country’s cycling team.


Verbit: An AI-powered organization whose main product is a transcription platform that the education sector around the world started to pick up in the past 12 months. Universities like Harvard are using Verbit’s platform to transcribe their classes for students.


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