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Whether you’re a start-up looking to save on your monthly costs or a large corporation looking to establish long-termrelationships with other businesses, the Urban Place app might be just what you’re looking for! Urban Place provides freelancers and enterprises with the best co-working spaces in town. And to make your experience with us even better, you can download our mobile app and enjoy the full range of benefits that come with it.

Engage with The Community
Using the Urban Place app, you can get involved in a close-knit community where like-minded people work together to achieve their goals and dreams. You can get in touch with other members of the community and motivate each other to work hard.
By using our message board you can post and search Job opportunities, stay updated with the latest events, workshops and office hours that we provide to our members.
The App enables a wider exposure for our members’ businesses. Members can define their Job title, add a short description of their business and feedback from their customers.

Collaborate with Others
The space that our app provides you with, can also be used as a golden opportunity to collaborate with other individuals and businesses on different projects. You can share your ideas publicly with the members by contributing to the Urban Place blog. If someone is interested in collaborating with your business, they can contact you through the app and set up a meeting in our shared office spaces.
You can create new business connections, and find creative ways to expand your network as well as your business. Members can join different groups on the App in order to learn more about their field of interest as well as get tips and pointers on how you can grow your business. Each group focuses on different topics, whether it’s job postings based on our various locations, Finding professionals, UX designers tips, Javascript professionals, etc.

Book Meeting Rooms
If you want to book a meeting room in Urban Place, you can use the app to browse through our collection of meeting rooms and choose the time and place for your meetings. The app ultimately provides you with a productive, supportive work environment where you can build long-lasting connections with others.

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August 30, 2021

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