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Co-working refers to using a neutral space by people who are self-employed or who work for different employers on different projects. The key difference between a co-working space and your usual office workplace is that the people who work there do not necessarily work for one company. So, who exactly works at these co-working spaces?

Freelancers or Remote Corporate Workers

Freelancers are people who are self-employed and do not have a long-term commitment to any particular enterprise. Instead of working at home, being in a co-working space is a more beneficial option for freelancers as they can connect with other workers who are interested in the same fields as them. Similarly, remote workers who do not need to work in their company’s office also use these places to work on their projects.

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Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations can also use co-working spaces. Research has shown that sharing a workspace with other members striving to achieve the same social goals can help motivate and inspire your employees. Furthermore, these spaces cut the additional costs for these non-profits of having their own offices.

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Small Businesses

Similarly, small businesses that want to avoid paying rent to keep their costs low have also resorted to using co-working spaces. These spaces also provide them with the perfect opportunity for social networking.

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Large Corporations

Even large enterprises such as Facebook, IBM, and Shell Global have started using co-working spaces. This keeps costs low for these organizations and helps them leverage the skills and talents of their employees effectively.

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