UP Benefits Of Outsourcing in a Coworking Space

If you’ve read the 4-hour work week, you know how beneficial outsourcing can be for your personal and professional life. With that, outsourcing is sometimes considered as a bitter sweet sort of thing in most reputable organizations. But, if you’re just starting off your business or if you’re stranded somewhere in the middle, outsourcing can help you tremendously. Here are few benefits of outsourcing that you should know.

Cost Advantages

Outsourcing to a freelancer or some other individual is always cost-efficient as compared to doing it yourself or hiring an employee to do it. The reason behind the cost advantages is the difference in wages in Western countries and Asia. Sometimes, low cost will mean low quality, but most of the time, you’ll be able to find a freelancer providing high-quality services at a fraction of the regular cost.

Why Coworking

Every coworking space consists of different companies working on all different types of projects. With this community, it’s much easier to outsource your work- while personally knowing the company you’re working with. Sitting near the freelancer or small business can help them with small questions you have and can save development time and money in the long-run.

Overcoming Time Zones

Is there a business emergency in the middle of the night and you can’t get an employee to deal with it? Don’t worry, because there are folks sitting somewhere on the other side of the globe in broad daylight. This also works for holidays too. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Thanksgiving or Summer, there are people somewhere in the world that aren’t celebrating these festivities and are ready to work.

Delegate and Increase Efficiency

Outsourcing tasks can take a huge load of work off of your current employees. For example, the marketing team is responsible for bringing in customers. They could be focusing on more physical means of marketing like billboards, flyers, TV commercials, etc. and they’re not always going to have time to manage other online marketing campaigns like SEO. So, instead of over-burdening your teams, outsource the task and you’ll be able to get everything done properly.


With all these benefits, outsourcing is just one of the many benefits of coworking.


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