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Why building a start-up in a co-working space

A lot of start-up are born in a co-working space, we want to understand why and want to give some tips to succeed in this way


How many articles published in technology and innovation press are debating on how hard is it to build a start-up and how to fight depression. Working with other people help you to stand difficulties you can face.

You are not alone, you can lunch with other people, start to make your professional network, and meeting people can help you to renew ideas and energy.


Working in a garage for Steve Jobs was an extreme work condition and benefit for the legend now.

But for most of the start-ups, co-working space are a good response for day to day work.

Start uppers meet persons working in capital-venture or investors, and these financial people want to be reassured on where they invest their money.

So a quiet place, like a meeting room or a well decorated working space bring confidence and help to make positive decisions


Most of co-working spaces include closed rooms where is it possible to make noise as much as you want without annoying people.

But, in open spaces, the noise can’t be bearable. Most of the tech people are interested in music so put your headphones and focus on your business


Source. Techniasia